Travel&Procurement Coordinator




You will join BCG Finance Team, establishing relationships with global and local stakeholders aimed at objectives of the Procurement, Travel & Mobility area. You’ll apply the global procurement guidelines at local level, in cooperation with the buyers belonging to the Business Support Team and the Consulting Team.
From a Travel & Mobility perspective, you will coordinate all the activities related to the following main areas: hotels, trains, airplanes, cabs, NCC, etc.
For both the areas you will update and manage the local policies, in line with global guidelines and local needs.
You will make the policy known to all the employees and monitor its compliance, while managing the relationship with all the key internal and external stakeholders.


  • Partner with buyers in purchasing process and during negotiation with suppliers, with a focus on cost optimization and leaning of processes
  • Assess, manage and mitigate risk related to suppliers’ engagement and accountability
  • Develop and review purchase requests processes and ensure authorization as necessary to facilitate the timely purchase of new products
  • Partner closely with Accounts Payable Department to help defining budgets for each Responsibility Center and to support their monitoring over the course the year
  • Understand compliance requirements and managing the flow of info accordingly among company buyers
  • Cooperate across teams and departments in a complex and dynamic environment
  • Facilitate reporting and data analyses with solid analytical approach
  • Analyze and evaluate contracting terms and conditions (also with attention to setting appropriate payment terms)
  • Foster company buyer’s awareness of company guidelines, so that frame contracts, statements of work, GDPR documents etc. are maintained with accuracy and completeness
  • - with specific focus on Travel & Mobility area- negotiate with providers about everything not covered by global agreements (and specific focus on local providers). I.e.: ad hoc negotiations based on specific client projects’ needs or planned events
  • Assess the quality of the service and the trend of expenses, based on periodic reports, internal or provided by the internal travel agency
  • Allow easy understanding of which is the best solution to move in each situation, encouraging the use of the Online Booking Tool
  • Monitor, with specific focus on the travel agency:compliance with the agreement with BCG, service quality, travel choices, which should always be in line with policies and be the most economical ones, all the contracts ruling the engagement with providers.
  • Check providers’ invoices, identifying: cost trends, possible improvement areas in terms of service/cost, “out of policy” behaviors and their re-address, in cooperation with HR dept, how to improve the operations connect to the role, also based on automation / digitalization opportunities.



  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent (in Economics/Finance would be a plus);
  • Significant previous experience (5-7 years) in travel management or purchasing area in structured contexts;
  • Fluency in English, excellent communication skills (written and oral);
  • Flexibility, proactivity;
  • Good relationships management skills as well as a smiley and positive approach;
  • Attitude to work under pressure with stressful deadlines;
  • Problem solving skills;
  • Attitude to cooperate across teams and departments in a complex environment;
  • Ability to elaborate and analyze data and reports;
  • Effective communication at various levels of the organization;
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office applications including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint;
  • Good legal background would be a plus.


Competitive salary and benefits

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